About Us

We are a Drafting Company and our plans are guaranteed acceptable from city department. Our team of experienced CAD designers make site plans quick and easy, with a high accuracy by using GIS and Satellite which provide approximate location and dimensions.


Are you planning to build a new house, garage, shed, deck, swimming pool, adding a driveway, fence, patio etc and the city doesn’t require a Surveyor, Engineer or Architect Stamp, Sign and Seal then our site plans are what you need.

Your Part:

You select the plan that best suits you (basic, standard, premium). You provide the property address and any additional information (sketches, old survey) if you have. Then click "Add to Cart"

Our Part:

Our designers work on creating the site plan by using the public sources in details and deliver the file within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) to you in PDF and standard size 11"x17". If you have changes to be made we will make them without any additional fee.

In rare circumstances, we are unable to find the information we need. When this happens, you will be notified as soon as possible, and you will receive a full refund. However, this does not happen very often.

Additional Services

Simply using GIS Information of your County, County Parcel Maps, Satellite Imagery.

We work with you to make sure your site plan is exactly as you need it.

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